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New VTT three-lobe knobs

The new VTT three-lobe knobs, in glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer, are available with AISI 304 stainless steel boss or withAISI 304 stainless steel threaded stud. The three-lobe shape is particularly ergonomic also for smaller knobs ensuring an effective grip even with work gloves. The design without rear recesses and the wide bending radius prevent unhealthy residues from being deposited and ensures maximum ease of cleaning. These features make VTT knobs particularly suitable for applications on machines and equipment whose parts must be frequently cleaned by using water jets or steam.

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LMY levelling elements

LMY AISI 304 stainless steel base, with or without holes for ground mounting, is available with different kinds of threaded stem or ball joint with AISI 303 stainless steel threaded blind hole. This levelling element is also available with NBR rubber no-slip disk, hardness 70 Shore A, black colour. The deposit of dirt is reduced thanks to the convex shape of the base in the stem supporting point and thanks to the adjustable sleeve that covers the threaded part of the stem, in the case of LMY-HV.

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GN 727 control knobs with adjustable spindle

GN 727 control knobs with adjustable spindle are composed of:

- a chrome-plated steel base fitted by means of two holes for assembly screws parallel or perpendicular to the spindle axis

- a knurled aluminium profiled knob

- a natural steel spindle

- an acetal resin based technopolymer cap

GN 727 base is black laser-engraved in contrast with its chrome-plated surface. It is possible to choose between the version with 10 or 15 mark numbering and each mark corresponds to a 1 mm linear movement. On the knob there are 50 marks numbered from 0.1 ... to 0.9, each one corresponding to a linear movement by 0.02 mm. GN 727 control knobs allow precise adjustment or aligning, for example, of a limit stop device.

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